About RACA

It’s right next to impossible to find someone who doesn’t like food. However, it's even harder to find someone who's equipped with the talent, passion, and imagination to turn onions, beef stock, and cheese into an elegant soupe à l'oignon.

At RACA we believe that the demand for talented cooks is increasingly growing every day. This is where Royal Academy of Culinary Arts comes in to equip students with the necessary tools, practices, and methods to prepare a generation of world-class chefs.

Students will be surrounded and inspired by their peers, and creative instructors. Challenged, pushed, and guided by experienced faculty who will help find a place for your dish on the most prestigious tables.

Offering an innovative, effective, and intensive education to equip students with creative mindset, valuable work ethics, leadership skills, and team building capabilities to achieve excellence both personally and professionally.

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts guarantees that students will acquire an international education,combining craft-based learning with theoretical education helps develop a solid foundation to successfully initiate and manage their future career path.

Graduating from The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts offers our students thrilling job opportunities for those who are seeking an exciting, fascinating and rewarding career paths.


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